Monday, September 5, 2011

Days of Thunder

I noticed that when I'm depressed, the radio seems to play sad songs more frequently.  Now, I know that it is merely a mindgame, but songs I have never payed attention to quickly become one of the saddest songs I have ever heard.  I found myself misty-eyed listening to REO speedwagon the other morning.  Okay, that is just pathetic.  Can you beat that?


  1. When ur mind is sad, everything starts to look sad x(! Good mind state is everything(A)!

  2. I never used to understand love songs on the radio growing up... Now they make so much sense to me.

  3. I know how you all feel. My girlfriend of five years left me. Her reason was being unhappy. I treated her like a queen. The hardest thing is hearing those songs that were meaningful to our relationship. Listening to "thirteen" by Big Star is next to impossible. However, I will be sharing it soon.