Saturday, September 24, 2011

Would your rather............

Would you rather be able to read anyone's mind that you encountered
Be able to see 3 minutes into the future?

Think about the amazing potential of each option. I will explain my choice after you have a little time to think about yours.  I don't want to influence anyone's opinion.


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  2. I'd probably rather be able to read anyone's mind but that may be a bit of a poisoned chalice after a while passed.

  3. Mindreading, the 3 minute premonition would just lead to paradoxes and self-fulfilling prophecies.

  4. Mind reading. I'm a psychologist and this would be helpful in ways you cannot imagine.

  5. Wow, Im really surprised at these. I would choose 3 minutes into the future. Its a short span, but you could pick lotto numbers, always know exactly what would happen to you, and constantly make the right decisions. To each, their own superpower I guess.